Events 2019

Re-enactment Events Loudoun's Are Attending

In this section you will find information about the re-enactment events our members will be running or taking part in across the UK, please note these dates are subject to change as are the event descriptions, if interested in any please confirm elsewhere validity before planning any trips around them.

Remember if you do come along be sure to say hello.

2nd March Loudoun's Regimental Banquet and Ceilidh - Loudoun's Own Event
23rd March Hawick Reivers' Festival - Loudoun's as Tweeddale Foote - Parade and Arena Events on the Saturday
13th/14th April Regimental Training Day & AGM - Kirkton of Glenisla
5th - 6th May Newark, Nottinghamshire - Large RIE with Col Robert Overton's Regiment of Foot, English Civil War Event - Queen's Sconce
6th/7th July Falkland Palace - Montrose vs Covenant - LH and Drill/Skirmish
27th/28th July

Marlborough MAJOR, English Civil War Event Event

26th-27th August Gloucester MAJOR, English Civil War Event
7th/8th Sept

Walton Hall, English Civil War Event


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