Muster Survival


Plastic CampsiteThis is a checklist of useful things to take with you. Campsite facilities will usually run to the provision of drinking water, toilets, rubbish bags and occasionally even wood for fires.

  • Rucksack; you may have to pack a lot into a small space so a good rucksack is a useful investment.
  • Tent; if you don't have your own, someone else may be able to share. A sleeping bag is handy, especially if it's cold and a crash mat will make things more comfortable.
  • Plaid; usually these are our Highland clothes but they are excellent for keeping warm at cold musters.
  • Cooking utensils; these are not strictly necessary as there are usually stalls or a pub where you can buy food. However, there will be long queues for expensive, greasy, poor quality food. Bring a tankard if possible as it will fit in with your new clothes. Authentic eating utensils are something to aim for in the future, as they are vital for Living History events.
  • Cash; Muster sites are often a long way from banks so bring adequate cash and your cheque book. You may be expected to pay something towards transport costs, petrol, etc.
  • Medicines; again, a pharmacist may be some distance away so bring any vital medicines with you.
  • Miscellaneous; toilet roll soon disappears from the portaloos, so bring your own supply. Sun tan oil can be very useful at minimising your discomfort at hot musters. Waterproofs and a change of clothes can be useful in case it rains torch is advisable as there are no streetlights on campsite. Matches may be needed to light campfires especially if you intend cooking for yourself. And don't forget a towel!

BEFORE YOU GO - Please get your tetanus shots up-to-date. Dirty wounds are a real danger in our hobby.

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